Victoria Melody: Major Tom

Victoria Melody: Major Tom

23rd May 2013

Victoria is currently exploring championship dog showing with her basset hound and is participating in beauty pageants as a contestant. To complete the research for this show, the dog Major Tom is going to Crufts and Victoria at 34 and 5ft 4 is going to the Mrs England 2013 beauty pageant. She currently holds the title of Mrs Brighton.

Victoria unknowingly discovered that her dog had prize winning potential at a charity dog show. She seized this opportunity to access the subculture of this extraordinarily exclusive members only club.

Major Tom’s first championship show was a disaster, feeling an overpowering sense of guilt about her dog being scrutinised, Victoria decided to put herself through the same process by becoming a beauty queen.

Major Tom and Victoria increasingly immerse themselves into the obsessive and confusing realm of personal scrutiny as they participate as genuine contestants and aim to win. This one woman, one dog show will follow their story. It will reflect on the British fascination with celebrities, beauty, and winning.

Tickets £6 / £3.50 concs.
Doors open 7.30pm, show starts 8pm.
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