23rd February 2012

This solo performance is a powerful meditation on the shifting dynamics that seep into the relationship between middle-aged children and elderly parents.

KIN explores the fear, sorrow, anger, guilt and frustration but also the love, trust and laughter to be found in this unavoidable situation.

Performers to camera Cathy Naden and Claire Marshall (Forced Entertainment), Richard Gregory (Quarantine), Tim Ingram (Reckless Sleepers) and actor Alison Peebles are linked during a live performance by Donna Rutherford.

As time speeds up, the future and its inevitable deteriorations get closer. Just as you become slower at everything you do, take longer to do the simplest things, you find yourself hurtling downhill with no brakes.

“A show that relates closely to the raw stuff of real life...Punctuated by Rutherford’s own live commentary on the theme in hand, as she sips tea and eats toast, the show is as gentle and caring an exploration of a difficult subject as can be imagined. And the strange thing is that its very gentleness combined with it visual richness, gradually unleashes a terrific depth of emotion, as we in the audience face the fact that none of us will avoid the quiet and sometimes heartbreaking domestic truths explored here.” Joyce McMillan The Scotsman

A short video clip of KIN performance can be seen HERE

£6 / £3.50 concs.
Doors open 7.30pm, show starts 8pm.
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