Bryony Kimmings: 7 Day Drunk

Bryony Kimmings: 7 Day Drunk

28th April 2012

Bryony Kimmings is NOT an alcoholic. But she has always had a rocky relationship with booze. It seems the dark stuff is intrinsically linked to her confidence as an artist as well as blame for her most genius and most hideous creations.

2 parts song and dance routine, 1 part breakdown with a twist of sobering reality, the show follows Bryony as she cracks open her own creative psyche with the help of a film-maker, a team of scientists, carers and an American IT expert.

Created solely from material made during a seven-day experiment, in which Bryony was kept in various states of scientific drunkenness. Performed sober.

Tickets £8 / £6 concs.
Doors open 7.30pm, show starts 8pm.
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