CARDBOARD CARNIVAL: The Carnival of the Animals - Workshop

CARDBOARD CARNIVAL: The Carnival of the Animals - Workshop

27th October 2018

Trunk, Tail, Ears or Wings?
Carnival creates itself from all sorts of things!

This is "Carnival of the Animals" but not as we know it. Dissected for body part potential to create the "ultimate animal", we take inspiration from the music by Camille Saint-Saëns, a little help from Charles Darwin and a whole lot of cardboard to mash up a show full of puppet possibility.

Have fun and make your own cardboard animal that moves to the music at Lempen Theatres Cardboard carnival workshop. This is for children aged 7 and upwards. Parents you don’t need to stay but you can and without booking yourself a ticket. So stay have a coffee and get into the fun!

Cardboard Carnival will also be performing a show in the afternoon, for more information please click here. Combined tickets for the workshop and show are available for £10, this discount should apply automatically when adding 1 of each ticket to your basket.

Doors open 10:30am, starts 11am
Tickets £5.95

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