Amazing Addrian presents:  WAYANG

Amazing Addrian presents: WAYANG

10th November 2018

Local puppet man and entertainer brings to life the story of Rama, the mighty lord and warrior and his beautiful wife Sita is an ancient Hindu tale that was taken to Indonesia where it became mixed with the heroic story of the monkey king Hanuman and Buddhist demons.

My simplified retelling, uses authentic puppets (shadow, rod, marionette and glove), and masks from across South East Asia and the Indian sub-continent.

This Puppet show is an affectionate and humorous homage to one of the world’s great epics.

The play is a triumph of multi-cultural synthesis, a fusion from the East reinterpreted within the traditions of English puppetry with beautiful hand crafted puppets; a delight for all to see.

Doors open 1.30pm, show starts 2pm.
all tickets £5.95
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