7th October 2012

This is bilingual music with Jazz and Afro-Cuban elements re-assembled, as in collage, or mutated to fit odd meters, more common in eastern Europe, and yet it still feels Cuban... and then the groove can change suddenly, like turning a corner, a new view opening up, another way of looking at things.

"Imaginative fusions of Cuban dance forms and pungent contemporary jazz.... Hathaway's soulful alto sax sound and Speyer's trumpet phrasing (like Miles Davis in a salsa brass section) make a flexible front line, and on tracks such as the opening Conjunto and the jubilant Miracle Maricel, a restless, New York-downtown contemporary-jazz feel blends effectively with the intricate Cuban grooves... A typically shrewd fusion of the time senses of two quite different cultures." John Fordham, the Guardian

"There is an intriguingly saturnine quality in both the leaders compositions and the bands execution, a sense of hard-edged modernity that has a side-winding thrust reminiscent of Dave Holland's ensemble at times... An ensemble led by a trumpeter/composer who has absorbed the essence of Cuban music and distilled it quite cunningly into an improvisatory context with no compromise to either culture. The result is gritty, graceful sounds with a dark-light intensity." Kevin Legendre, Echoes"

Table Seating £12
Standard Seating £10 / £8 concessions
Jazz Express Offer £6

Doors open 8pm, starts 8.30pm.
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