Jazz Meets Classical with Vein

Jazz Meets Classical with Vein

23rd September 2018

Our contribution to this year's Roman River Music Festival is a prodigiously talented Swiss trio who, with their technical precision, passion, drive and stunning virtuosity, provided the club with one of the highlights of 2017. Formed in 2006 by twin brothers Michael Arbenz (piano) and Florian Arbenz (drums), together with bassist Thomas Lahns, VEIN have released no less than 12 critically acclaimed albums, including collaborations with American saxmeisters David Leibmann and Greg Osby.

VEIN's CD, ‘The Chamber Music Effect’ - comprising a collection of original jazz compositions that drew upon the structures of chamber music - turned out to be one of the group’s most successful releases to date.

With their latest offering, ‘VEIN Plays Ravel’, the trio are attempting to build upon the success of ‘The Chamber Music Effect’ by again returning to their classical roots. What is also often overlooked by both classical and jazz music fans is that Ravel introduced jazz into his compositions.

What marks this trio out from their contemporaries is outstanding musicianship and playing is far, far removed from the kind of tepid jazz-classical ‘crossover’ that can give this sort of project a bad name. On the contrary, it's a very tight excursion in melody and imagination by three extremely gifted musicians - and you don’t have to be a classical music or jazz buff to enjoy it!

Reviewing ‘The Chamber Music Effect’, London Jazz News summed it up thus: "Unless you have another CD by VEIN, I reckon you're unlikely to have anything else in your collection that's quite like this... It grooves, it's rubato, it's subtle, it's fun, it's ruminative, it’s exultant; above all, it's constantly surprising. It's a treat."

"VEIN Plays Ravel is that rarity, a jazz-classical fusion album that works because the musicians involved know both types of music and know what they’re doing. Great stuff!," surmised The Art Music Lounge.

One of the most enthusiastic and interesting groups of its kind in recent years, VEIN is a piano trio that's all about interplay: stop-start grooves, flighty melodies and games of hide and seek. In other words, a piano trio with a difference. And a damn fine one too.


"Vein tackle Ravel’s music with panache, invention, and a great deal of musical skill and sophistication." - The JazzMann

"The title doesn’t begin to describe the detailing and brilliance of this project – and it wouldn’t be surprising if Maurice is right there, in the midst." - AP Reviews

"There’s a certain Jacques Loussier Trio-type feeling to this group, and that in itself makes them perfect for what they do." - The Art Music Lounge

"This CD is a fascinating exploration of the music of Ravel - who introduced jazz into classical music almost a hundred years ago - by a chamber jazz trio at the top of their game." - London Jazz News

Tickets £15 / £13 Concessions
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Doors open 7pm, starts 7.30pm

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