Electro Jazz Orchestra *

Electro Jazz Orchestra *

15th July 2023

The band formed in 2022, when Keith (conductor), Natalie (vocals) and Simon (drums) got talking about big bands. The idea was to bring the concept of the 'Big Band' into the 21st Century, using ideas normally found in the pop world.

As well as the traditional band, for arrangements that need more, technology is used to provide anything from strings to percussion (and even a lion roar in one arrangement - see if you can spot that!) in a seamless mix of warm air and something called Ableton Live.

This allows the band to manage all sorts of tracks, from all sorts of eras, all while maintaining a sounds and feel which suits all ages, and all ears. Plus, for the moment at least, not a hint of Glenn Miller...

All Tickets £15.
Doors open 7.30pm, starts 8pm.
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