The Smoking Hearts & Idiom + The Dropper's Neck

The Smoking Hearts & Idiom + The Dropper's Neck

24th September 2013

An awesome double header. The Smoking Hearts - Underground UK punk set for the overground. Idiom - "from laid-back cruising a la Incubus to RATM-esque screams with a metal edge".

Tickets £6.
Doors open 7.30pm

The Smoking Hearts Press:

A brilliant band, think Motörhead on more speed beating up the Anti-Nowhere League
then bumming The Ramones. Seriously, think about that. They have a new album
out called 'Victory!', a definite recommendation." - Rocksound

"A welcome shot of adrenaline to 2013. Thanks to a sprinkling of AC/DC sleaze, a chug of
Ramones and a twist of effortless class, they're the dirty Martini of Punk Rock" - Metal Hammer

"The aural equivalent of Bad Religion going ten rounds with Gallows in a cage fight. Likely to give you a black eye just listening to it." - Q

"Victory! is quite simply a riot of an album, cuts likes "Seatbelts" and 'Off With Your Head' as catchy as they are venomous, destined to soundtrack the kind of evenings that end in broken bones." - Terrorizer

"a stormer of a record..." - Big Cheese

"If you’re looking for a party anthem soundtrack then you’ve come to the right place
with The Smoking Hearts, London’s answer to pure rock ‘n’ roll. Their very eagerly anticipated debut full-length Victory! is long overdue; but believe us, it has definitely been worth the wait." 9/10 - Bring The Noise
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