The Prettiest Starman *

The Prettiest Starman *

26th January 2019

A joyous and uplifting celebration of the enduring brilliance of DAVID BOWIE.

The band were unable to play during 2018 due to illness and were forced to cancel all planned dates that year including a Colchester Arts Centre show, but 2019 will see the boys (and girl) fighting fit and eager to Bowie themselves into oblivion again.

On January 10th 2016 we awoke to the dreadful news that David Bowie had passed away. Later that morning, Anton Pace (The Judith Charmers, Race with the Devil) received a phone call from his pal and co-Charmer Paul Rutterford(The Judith Charmers, Strum & Bass, The Fabs): “We must go and play a Bowie set somewhere…” Both felt moved to mark David’s passing in the only way they knew how – by singing some of his great songs with people who felt the same way.

So, on the day David died, ‘The Prettiest Starman’ was born; the first show took place at Colchester’s Three Wise Monkeys venue at the end of February 2016 and sold out instantly… it was a truly memorable and moving night. Anton and Paul were joined on bass that night by the fabulous Nelson Nice (Surfquake, Park & Ride, Strum & Bass, The Hosepipe Band). No sooner had they finished their set than many people were asking when they were going to do it again. So it was decided to keep the show going – Bowie-love is everywhere and it will hopefully be many years before fans tire of hearing his songs played live.

The Prettiest Starman now also benefits from the jaw-droppingly marvellous piano skills of Cara Bruns (Surfquake, Park & Ride, The Hosepipe Band) and has played sold out shows at Colchester Arts Centre, Norwich Arts Centre and more gigs at the Three Wise Monkeys. The band also performed on the main stage at the Norwich Lanes Summer Fayre in July 2017 and provided all the live music for a big Bowie Weekend (Bowie Blast Off) in Blackpool later that year.

At this next show, a Colchester Arts Centre Fundraising event, the band will once again perform some of his best-loved songs from the golden 70s period including selections from Space Oddity, Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, Diamond Dogs, Station to Station and Lodger. Images of David will play out on the big screen throughout the evening – it would be pointless hosting a Bowie night without David being there one way or another.

Please don’t come along expecting to see a looky-likey band – The Prettiest Starman is just a group of friends and massive fans of David Bowie, joyously performing some of his greatest songs with love and passion. Singing along is actively encouraged. The songs are the stars of this show, not the individuals on stage. If all the previous sold-out Prettiest Starman events are anything to go by, this will be a brilliant and unmissable night.

So come along, sing your hearts out, dress up if you like – but mainly, just get here!
Let’s remember this brilliant artiste together. As if we could ever forget.

If we can sparkle he may land tonight…

This event is a Colchester Arts Centre Fundraiser
All tickets £10.
Doors open 7.30pm
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