The Dead Rat Orchestra perform The Tyburnia Tour

The Dead Rat Orchestra perform The Tyburnia Tour

31st May 2015

Following last year's acclaimed and unconventional waterways tour, in which the Dead Rat Orchestra toured the UK by boat, they return in summer 2015 with a tour that once again shows them to be at the forefront of contemporary folk music performance.

Last year was waterways, this year - public execution sites.

The DRO have teamed up with analogue film maker James Holcombe to craft a unique soundtrack to his film Tyburnia, a film that draws on radical histories behind London’s infamous execution ground, bringing forth compelling understandings of the present.

At Tyburn (near Marble Arch), for over 600 years, those who fell foul of political, religious and judicial reforms were executed for public entertainment and instruction. A study of those executed at Tyburn charts a history of the UK, illustrating the twists and turns of monarchical and political whimsy, church and state, and the birth of capitalism.

These forgotten histories have important resonances for us today, resonances that Tyburnia brings forth. Whilst the film features extensive exploration of the relics of the cultural relics of the Tyburn Gallows, the sound track offers an opportunity to hear renditions of ballads composed for and by those who met their end there.

Tyburnia also offers a unique opportunity to experience contemporary interpretations of songs in Thieves Cant, the long forgotten language of the criminal underworld.

The shadow of the Tyburn Tree extended well beyond London, with assizes, gallows, and gibbets in many market and county towns. DRO will perform this live soundtrack at at least 14 of these locations across the UK.

Tickets £8 / £6 concessions.
Doors open 7.30pm, starts 8pm.
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