Sly & The Family Drone + The Unmistakable Scent of Leopard + Mag + The Rock Garden of Chandigarh

Sly & The Family Drone + The Unmistakable Scent of Leopard + Mag + The Rock Garden of Chandigarh

22nd October 2016

A night of electro / noise-rock mayhem from a cast of thousands.

Sly & the Family Drone are a primal orchestra of drum rhythms, radiophonic oscillator noise and electronically-abstracted vocals. Improvising around skeletal structures, the players lock into a telepathic ebb and flow of hypnotic drums, tumbling electronic scree and modulated, obscured howls of rage.

Sly's reductionist take on music is literal: they split their drum kit to its singular base units, passing individual drums to the audience who maintain the beat while they free themselves for more noise and freestyle mayhem, ultimately eliminating any boundaries between spectator and performer. This egalitarian approach propels audience and band together into a shamanistic setting of catharsis and anarchic celebration.'
"designed to blow out the fug of your enfeebled minds" - The Quietus

'I’m going to put this out there. Sly & The Family Drone are better than your band. Better than any band. Better than every band. They are like your eighth birthday at the ball-pits with infinite pop and cake, but with cider, nudity and hazardous volume. The entire room is involved, obsessively so. Half the audience are drumming, the other half either dancing with wanton abandon or completely overcome. I found myself thinking why didn’t I think of making this band, where did I go wrong? Never mind. The important thing is that they do exist. They really exist. They exist all over the f*cking place. Gig of the year, absolutely." - Brighton Noise 2014
twitter @slyfamilydrone

The Unmistakable Scent of Leopard are Thom Barrett, James Sarek, Rob Saunders and Liam Sullivan. Imagine a cross between Shooting Stars and The Generation Game and you've got the Hyper-Bowl, the show from the Essex four piece. Expect anarchy and competitive comedy nonsense.

MAG (Sweden)
MAG aka Magdalena Ågren works with live samplings of trombone, megaphone, voice, guitar, sound and the noise around her. The music is built up from scratch. From the smallest simple element it grows to a gigantic dystopian lo-fi orchestra that sometimes is restrained and suggestive, sometimes chaotic and wild.

MAG has have played more then 100 shows in Scandinavia, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Canada, USA and has shared the bill with acts like Lightning Bolt, Legendary Pink Dots, Trumans Water, Ora Cogan, Wildbirds and Peacedrums, The Skull Defekts. etc, and played at festivals/venues such as Mission Creek Music and Art Festival (San Fransisco), Arts Birthday (Stockholm), FakeJazz (Vancouver), Festival of Endless Gratitude (Copenhagen) and Dockville festival (Hamburg).

"She opened for us in Malmo and I'm still scraping my jaw from the floor after dragging it all the way back to The Netherlands. Marvellous, hugely inventive.... words aren't enough" - Edward Ka-Spel, Legendary Pink Dots

Lee Ashcroft and cohorts take you on a journey to hitherto undiscovered sonic backwaters. Theremin, sax and electronics combine for a truly psychedelic trip - and who knows what will happen if their drummer turns up this time.

+ The not at all requested or appropriate return of DJ TRAVELCARD. Raised by wolves in an old Oyster Packing Shed on a shingle island off the Essex coast, Travelcard spins the best/worst combination of 80s pop, retro synth-wave and tv themes you thought you'd forgotten. Sadly Ben Howard wasn't available.

Tickets £7 / £6 concessions
Doors open 7.30pm.
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