Preston Reed

Preston Reed

24th February 2012

“Question: when is an acoustic guitar not an acoustic guitar? Answer: when it’s in the hands of New York visionary Preston Reed.” Total Guitar

Preston Reed is recognised internationally as one of the greatest guitarists in the world, and also as a ground-breaking musical innovator. In 1987 he invented a two-handed playing style and compositional approach that integrates the full percussive potential of the guitar body. In doing so Reed revolutionized guitar playing.

The impact of Reed’s music can be seen and heard in the in the popularity of his style among guitar players and music lovers around the globe.

The New Yorker tweaks the nose of musical convention, pokes the eye of accepted wisdom, and burns the rulebook of the past. Reed fuses chord-based grooves, soaring melodic runs and polyrhythmic percussion with his breathtaking two-handed style. The power and depth of his original compositions are as unique as the man’s execution, as blues, rock, funk and jazz meet, interlock and attack to create a sonic brew quite unlike anything you've heard before.

“… widely thought of as the world’s most gifted guitarist” Total Guitar

“Spectacular… the best one-man show this reviewer has seen since Bruce Springsteen… A terrific performer” The Irish Independent

“In a class of his own” London Evening Standard

“…. a major musical talent” Manchester Evening News

“True spellbinding guitar mastery” Guitarist Magazine “Will drop your jaw” Playboy “Heart stopping tour de force” Billboard

“Reed's fiendishly intricate blend of blues, rock, country and metal styles ducks and weaves itself away from measurability” The Irish Times


£12 / £10 concessions.
Doors open 8pm, starts 8.30pm.

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