Hirameka Hi-Fi + Wobbly Lamps + Bring Out Grandad

Hirameka Hi-Fi + Wobbly Lamps + Bring Out Grandad

28th June 2012

A fiery foursome (occasionally threesome) from Colchester who were born out of the ashes of local bands TEEBO and LANDO. Brought up on Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Fugazi
and other champions of the alternative nation their first release “Munchin’” was released on Gringo Records in 2008. A four song EP called “Play Hard” followed before they were picked up and signed by an offshoot of professional label Che Records (home of Urusei Yatsura).
High-energy, discordant post-punk.

Wobbly Lamps were born underground, in a pub basement. Disillusioned with much of modern life and the mundane mainstream they got drunk and made music... Hard hitting, dark, trippy garage rock. Low end, Lo Fi.
There is no God.
There are Wobbly Lamps.

Hailing from the wrong side of Manningtree, lo-fi snoozecore advocates Bringoutgrandad’s influences range from post-rock and grunge to the industrial sounds of urban mundanity.
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Tickets £6
Doors open 8pm
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