Black Peaks

Black Peaks

14th February 2016

In 2015 there are those bands who are content to fit neatly into pre-ordained boxes set for them, and then there are bands who take one look at those boxes, chuckle to themselves, and proceed to throw every preconception and narrow-minded assumption straight out of the window. Brighton’s Black Peaks are firmly and unapologetically the latter.

Founded initially by guitarist Joe Gosney, bassist Andrew Gosden and drummer Liam Kearley, the original blueprint for the band was one of knotty instrumentalism and expansive, cinematic structure well-suited to the band’s astonishing musical skill set. However, the introduction of maniacal frontman Will Gardner on vocals served as a powerful lightening rod for the band, offering their exceptional technical ability a formidable emotional focus.

Their influences are drawn from the most broad and varied wells imaginable: from the sprawling, wide-eyed prog-isms of The Mars Volta to the lead-fingered riffing of Mastodon to the deft melodicism of City And Colour and plenty more besides there are touches from almost every edge of the musical palette in Black Peaks’remarkable offering. This is spasmodic, esoteric, heart-shaking stuff that pitches and rolls, rises and falls in turn with both delicate grace and thunderous power.


All Tickets £10.
Doors Open 7pm.
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