Big Lad + HOOF! + Horrible Dolphins

Big Lad + HOOF! + Horrible Dolphins

7th March 2019

BIG LAD is a two headed trigger synth party noise machine made up of Henri Grimes (ex Sheild Your Eyes) on drums and Wayne Adams (ex Death Pedals) on synths.

“Are your ready? Let’s play!” exclaims the strangely menacing toy sample which opens up BIG LAD’s new record… and play they certainly do, may God help you if you’re not ready as from the off warp speed drumming ala Lightning Bolt twists and turns with Venetian Snares and Aphex Twin style synth and gizmo sonic warfare. This isn't a record to soundtrack a picnic.

‘Pro Rock’ is the second album from the band, their first being 2015’s ‘Big Lad’ record which was released under the moniker Shitwife. They then decided to rename the band BIG LAD, to confuse the crap out of everyone, which it did.

The duo are renowned and cherished as an unforgettable live experience having played extensively in the UK’s exceptionally healthy and thriving underground scene. They’re as comfortable trashing people’s necks at sweaty basement punk shows as they are melting gurning faces at raves such as Bangface and are now becoming a staple on many UK and European festival stages every year.


Punk mayhem...

Horrible Dolphins are an Essex-based punk duo. Their debut album was released on Spotify and other platforms in 2018, after being recorded in a day. Since this time a number of tracks have had airplay on BBC Introducing in Essex, BBC Radio 6 Music and BBC Radio 1. In the summer of 2018 Horrible Dolphins performed an unplugged session for BBC Introducing before being invited to attend BBC Introducing Live 2018.

Considered "one of the greatest emerging punk bands in the U.K. at the moment" - Ollie Winiberg (BBC Introducing in Essex) in conversation with Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Music)

Instagram: Horrible Dolphins
Twitter: @horribledolphin

Tickets £7/£6 concessions.
Doors open 7.30pm.
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