The Churchfitters *

The Churchfitters *

30th January 2023

Why “Churchfitters”? Nobody knows! They’re not fitters and have absolutely nothing to do with churches.

The name’s origin is lost in the mists of time but there is one aspect that suits them perfectly - its quirkiness. When your array of instruments includes a motorcycle petrol tank, a musical saw and a Mercedes Benzouki made from hubcaps there’s little point worrying if the name makes sense! Saucepan dulcimer, glass harp, Bing-Bong machine and magic boots all join some more conventional instruments (fiddle, banjo, sax and whistle to name a few) to back Rosie Short’s sublime voice.

These three flamboyant characters present their uplifting and entertaining show with a unique dynamism and describe their music as “Folk Unlimited”. Mike Harding calls it “Brilliant and beautiful” while Dave Pegg says they are “The most musically inventive group I’ve seen in decades”. 

Support: Suzy Cramer

Suzy Cramer is a Colchester based multi-instrumental Alt-Folk Singer Songwriter who draws on an eclectic range of influences from Dylan to Florence and The Machine, from Balkan Gypsy Music to Rap- she is lyrically driven and writes about people, places and the ambiguity of life with a repertoire that can be funny, sad or surreal in equal measures! She has been described as "Kate Nash meets Kate Rusby with a bit of Kate Tempest in the mix". She should probably have been called Kate…

Tickets £13 / £12 concessions.
Doors open 7.45pm.
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