Ewan McLennan *

Ewan McLennan *

24th September 2018

Ewan McLennan has, in a short space of time, come to be known as a guitarist at the forefront of his generation; a troubadour, balladeer and storyteller cut in the old style; a singer that can move audiences with his passion and pathos; and a songwriter for whom social justice is still a burning issue. Having learnt from and worked with both Martin Simpson and Dick Gaughan over recent years, it’s evident in Ewan’s guitar playing and in his music that he has absorbed and inherited a great deal, and at first hand, from the older generation of ‘folk greats’ before carving his own path. The songs he sings and writes are rooted in traditional songs and the tradition of folk music as social commentary.


Support: The King Driscolls
The King Driscolls are a three piece group who play a mix of traditional and original songs: all of them are land workers, Essex countryside born and raised, which has heavily influenced their music. Their songs range from rousing ballads to bawdy foot-stompers, and most of what lies in-between.


Tickets £11 / £10 concessions.
Doors open 7.45pm.

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