Edgelarks *

Edgelarks *

11th March 2019

Edgelarks fly in on the tailwind of BBC award winning duo Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin. The pair's new project takes the roots of their previous work, from the traditional musics of the British Isles to Indian classical slide guitar to the stomping roots party of Phil's beatbox harmonica; adds a strong stem of original writing; and runs wilder with each repeat play.

Hannah Martin is an enthralling singer; Phillip Henry plays all manner of guitars and the harmonica, terrifically." Julian May, Songlines

***** Top of the World album

"Rich and complex - there is something of June Tabor about Hannah's vocal performance - a voice that is strong and flexible and which, coupled with Phillip's instrumental virtuosity, suggests we're hearing stars of the future" Dai Jeffries, R2 ****

Tickets £15/£14 concessions.
Doors open 7.45pm

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