The Edge Of Dreaming

The Edge Of Dreaming

13th April 2011

Part of the DOCUMENTARY TODAY: WHAT’S AT STAKE? Series sponsored by the University of Essex.

With a personal appearance and Q&A with the director - Amy Hardie

A movie haunted by itself, “The Edge of Dreaming” is understandably urgent, considering it was sparked by a midnight death sentence. “You will die when you’re 48,” Amy Hardie was told in her sleep, and the questions this provoked about the meaning of dreams, their effect on waking life and the overlapping nature of the conscious and subconscious become the fabric of this provocative documentary.

“The Edge of Dreaming is not the confession of a true believer who has found the Answer but of an intelligent woman with an open mind and heart who embarked on a serious metaphysical quest.” – New York Times

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