Colchester Games Fair

Colchester Games Fair

7th October 2017

The very first Colchester Games Fair is being held at The Colchester Arts Centre on October 7th.

If you're into tabletop gaming of any variety, or even if you are new to tabletop gaming, there will be something for you. Board Games, Miniatures, Card Games, Wargames, RPGs and more!

There will be a variety of different traders and demonstration games so you can try and buy!

and best of all it's Free Entry!

Traders and demo games include


Cymbeline Games

DMB Games


Marvel Miniatures Game with Chelmsford Bunker

Family Board Games with Colchester Games Club

Mutant Future - Old School Post-Apocalyptic Roleplaying

and many more TBC!

Doors open at 10am finishes at 4pm.
Free Entry.

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