From Amateur Transplants: Adam Kay's Smutty Songs*

From Amateur Transplants: Adam Kay's Smutty Songs*

26th May 2012

Amateur Transplants frontman Adam Kay sits at a grand piano and sings smutty songs. With sell-out tours and Edinburgh Fringe seasons, his cutting-edge, darkly humourous re-imaginings of pop and rock classics have gained him a cult following across the UK. His songs have over 20 million hits on YouTube (including the iconic London Underground Song) and have been in the iTunes comedy top ten consistently since 2008. This show is probably not suitable for your elderly maiden aunt.

NB Unlike the majority of musical comedy, this is actually funny.

Suitable for ages 16+

"Genius" Radio 1

"This made me very, very happy" Stephen Fry

"Filthy at best, depraved at worst - and great, guilty fun" Telegraph

"A comedy classic" Scotsman

Adam's Website
twitter @amateuradam

Doors open 8pm ,show starts 8.30pm.
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