Crimplene Millionaire by Boogaloo Stu

Crimplene Millionaire by Boogaloo Stu

26th June 2014

From glittering TV stardom to the showbiz doldrums, 70s telly host Derek Daniels has been off our screens for quite a while, with only his glamorous assistant (and increasingly frustrated wife) Bev for company. In a bid to rekindle the nation's affection, Derek is making a comeback with Crimplene Millionaire, his pilot TV gameshow for the Retro Channel, finally marking his return to the small screen.

Derek and Bev invite you to play a round of Crimplene Millionaire. Roll the dice and compete in the 1970s board game that style forgot, as your hosts roll back the years to a pre-digital world of Mateus Rosé, Brut 33, fondue and butterscotch Angel Delight. If you didn't experience the decade first hand, prepare to be illuminated; and if you did, prepare to feel young again!

Can Derek win back our hearts, or will it be a dark night of the soul for light entertainment? What skeletons are lurking in Derek and Bev's walk-in-wardrobes and to what lengths have they gone to survive in the z-list celebrity wilderness?

Performed on a bold and unique hand painted board-game stage set, Crimplene Millionaire is prime-time edutainment, an interactive game and engaging social satire in one artful theatrical package.

"Theatre's answer to snorting sherbet through a liquorice straw while riding a Chopper and listening to the Bee Gees." - Tim Crouch

“Full of colour, delight, laughter, memories and disquiet.” - Kate Gowar, Theatre Producer, Nightingale Theatre

"Darkly humorous, acutely funny and clever." - Mimi Banks, Director, Home Live Art

"A rip-roaring 1970s adventure" - Rebecca Atkinson-Lord, Ovalhouse Director

"Surreal, funny, excruciating, trippy, poignant and...educational! A work of standalone comic genius!" - audience member, via Facebook

"Genius! We loved Derek, totally brilliant." - audience member, via Facebook

Tickets £10 / £8 concessions.
Doors open 7.30pm, show starts 8pm.

This show appears as part of the COLJESTER COMEDY FESTIVAL
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