ALT KARAOKE: In celebration of the artist Modal Roberts

ALT KARAOKE: In celebration of the artist Modal Roberts

27th October 2018


This is an open platform for artistic experimentation, exploration and play. The loose idea is that you perform unusual lyrics to backing tracks. Thus the ALT KARAOKE monicker. But hey, that’s just a loose idea. Don’t just limit yourself to that.

You can dance, recite poetry, spoken word, play music – but nothing too mainstream please. We are the enemies of beige. We are particularly keen to include stories and contributions from people who knew the inventor of Alt Karaoke – the legendary Modal Roberts – who died very unexpectedly a few weeks back.

Modal himself set the bar very high by performing the historic speeches of Neville Chamberlain to the tune of Maggie May by Rod Stewart. If you haven’t got a piece to share then just come along and enjoy the mayhem and magic inspired by Modal.

There will be the traditional ball of cables to unravel, impromptu and uninvited ukulele accompaniment and a guest appearance form the legendary Hamnsel and Gretel. If they’re not dead as well.

All Welcome - Free Admission
Doors open 7.30pm

Artists wishing to contribute please can you let us know in advance – send to

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