Street Hunt

Street Hunt

16th September 2017

By Joshua Sofaer

Begins 12 NOON 16th SEPTEMBER

Follow the picture clues. Fill in the gaps. Win up to £10,000. That’s £10,000. Real Money!!!

Entrance £10.00. Not got a tenner? Low income? Then Pay What You Can Afford……

Get the book, check the clues and start hunting!

Play as a team, play as an individual, play as a company, as a charity, a ruthless gang of intrepid explorers hell bent on getting your hands on the readies. But play – it’s fun, it’s outdoors, it’s Colchester.


Throw your hat in the ring and your tenner in the hat.

By booking you are guaranteed a book of clues. (We have 1,000)

The clues are all in a book and the book is released at 12 noon, 16th September from Red Lion Bookshop. Grand opening – big fanfare.

Click here for 1 min film that explains the game a bit more.

Here’s what the inventor of Street Hunt says:

"Street Hunt is a kind of visual crossword puzzle, a treasure hunt where the riches are road names, a story emerging from the page: and your chance to win up to £10,000!

A poem has been written with words from Colchester road names. A book of photographs shows the street signs and their surroundings but with the names removed. You have to work out what the streets are, using the emerging story of the poem to help you.

The first person to submit a correctly completed book with all the right answers wins. The prize is the total cash fund of the amalgamated book sales with a guaranteed minimum of £1,000 and a maximum of £10,000 if all the books printed are sold. We are asking for £10 for each book, but pay what you can afford. The more money we receive the bigger the prize pot gets.”

Books are available from midday on Saturday 16th September 2017 at Red Lion Books, 125 High Street, Colchester, Essex, CO1 1SZ.

PAY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD – BOOKS COST £10.00 but if you have a low wage, or you are out of work or on benefits or for whatever reason you would like to play but can’t afford £10.00 then we are simply asking you to put in what you can afford. We’re not checking this – we just trust you. Every penny goes towards the prize money. We think £10.00 is very good value – but please pay what you can afford.

Street Hunt by Joshua Sofaer, produced by Colchester Arts Centre, was originally commissioned by Norfolk and Norwich Festival. The prize fund depends on the income generated by the book sales at the point a winner is found. A minimum of £1,000 is guaranteed. The maximum payout of £10,000 will be awarded if all the books are sold at the £10 asking price. Check website for full details and competition rules.
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